Please see E. Joey Chancellor, Associate Principal and Activities Director to find out more about the athletics and activities at Franklin Middle School. 




2014 - 15  Sports Schedule​​​​​​​



Football (Coed)​​​​​                           Coach Kehoe​ / Coach Dart​

Soccer (Coed)                             Coach Roland / Coach Iles

7th Volleyball (Girls)                   Coach Brabender / Coach Veras  

8th Volleyball (Girls)                   Coach Gustafson / Coach Hessler

Cross-country (Coed)​​                Coach Huisheere



6th Basketball (Boys)                 Coach Gustafson / Coach Hessler​

6th Basketball (Girls)​ ​                Coach Veras / Coach Calloway​

7th Basketball (Boys)                 Coach Gustafson / Coach Calloway​

7th Basketball (Girls) ​                Coach Hessler / Coach Gustafson

8th Basketball (Boys)​                 Coach Hessler

8th Basketball (Girls)                 Coach Veras / Coach Brabender​

Wrestling (Coed)​​ ​                        Coach Dart / Coach Huisheere

Youth West/Southwest Trocats Wrestling Organization



Track (Coed)​​                               Coach Huisheere / Coach Srenaski

Softball  ​                                       Coach Cornelissen


Summer Theater Program​       Becky Rego / Zach Baker​

Bobcat Boot Camp​​                     Katie Sulzer / Jeason Thomas​ ​




Art Club​                                         Nicole Everetts

Board Game Club​​                      Sue Agard                              

Forensics​                                     Denise Giguere / Becky Rego

Jazz Band​                                     Zach Baker

J.O.O.I./STING Cancer               Pat Salo

Memory Book                               Ann Mathu / Denise Giguere

School Play​                                  Becky Rego

Show Choir​  ​                                Becky Rego

Student Council                           Pat Salo

Talent Show                                 Denise Giguere / Becky Rego​

Winter Fitness Club​​                   Ron Huisheere / Julie Srenaski


“The Green Bay Area Public School District maintains an overall policy of assisting in the development of community groups and recognizes a broad spectrum of student groups.  However, it does not necessarily endorse the views of groups whose materials are distributed or posted.”

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